Saturday, April 25, 2015

Urban Plants, Urban Rocks: Premiere!

Urban environments should not appeal to a nature blogger who likes the company of plants and rocks.  And they don’t … until I look through the camera viewfinder.  Then I see intriguing patterns and details otherwise overlooked.  I always find beauty amid the concrete, steel and garbage.  There are even moments of calm in the frenetic noise and action.  And plants grow ... wherever there’s an opportunity ... oblivious to human industriousness around them.

Last year's monstrous kochia-weed below Riverside Parkway.
Cheatgrass thrives at Inner Journey Counseling (now defunct).
Foxtail and remains of a shed.
I learned about several of my subjects from Michelle, who stopped to ask why I was lying on the ground taking photos.  Inner Journey Counseling and the old houses nearby were demolished just last week, but she didn't know why (yet).  So far the cheatgrass and foxtail have survived urban renewal.

This blog sprang to life in response to one of Lucy Corrander’s street plants gatherings, when I ended up with more photos than I could use in my contribution.